How to add Content Types to a Document Set

After enabling use of Document Sets to your site and document library you will see that within the Document Set, only the default Document content type is available.

Here are the necessary steps you have to take to enable other content types to the Document Set
  • Under the Site Actions menu, select Site Settings.
  • Under the Galleries section, select Site Content Types
  • Then, click on the Document Set you want to change.
  • Under the section Settings, click on Document Set settings
Under the Allowed Content Types, select the content types you would like to have available in this Document Set. In this example I have selected Dublin Core Columns in addition to the default Document content type:
Allowed Content Types
Go back to you document library, open the Document Set and you are presented by a message saying you have to update the Document Set:
Update Document set content type
After you have updated the Document Set, the new Content Type will be available when updating or uploading new files to the Document Set:
Available content type for selection


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